Sabertec Weldmesh Fencing – Cheaper Alternative to Palisade Fencing


Welded Mesh Fencing by Jf Hanley Fencing

Up to 50% Savings

Sometimes we find that customers who come to us looking for palisade fencing prices are delighted to hear that there is a cheaper alternative in Weldmesh Fencing.

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Similarities between Palisade and Weldmesh.

Galvanised and powder coated for long life:

(Available in a variety of colours)


Certain weldmesh specifications are considered to be amongst the most secure of any fencing type.

Advantages over Palisade Fencing

Cost savings:

Sabertec is up to 50% less than the equivalent palisade fence.

Visually Friendly:

A successful fencing scheme will meet the need for security whilst minimising impact on the surrounding environment.

More Options:

All Weather Sport Areas – Palisade fencing is unsuitable for use as sports fencing. Our Sportec mesh panel fencing come in three grades: mesh, mesh plus and mesh elite. (We would be happy to outline the differences)

General Installations – Schools, railways, utilities, parks and play areas, industrial parks and petrol station forecourts

Vital Installations – Our Sabertec mesh comes in four grades: mesh, mesh plus, mesh elite and mesh premium. Mesh premium is developed with the same security features as sabertec mesh elite with the addition of a V-beam to prevent flexing and to retain a rigid and straight fence line. See image below.

Greater Visibility:

A high level of transparency to allow for surveillance.

Less likely to be Breached:

Posts can be extended straight or cranked to take barbed wire. A V-beam can be added to greatly reduce intrusion or vandalism as at Dublin Airport.


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