Welded Mesh Panel

  • Spectator Pitch Surround

    Spectator Pitch Surround

    The Spectator pitch surround an ideal fencing for any outdoor sports pitch from full size GAA, Rugby and Soccer...

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  • Sabertec Mesh

    Sabertec Mesh

    JFHanley Sabertec Mesh Fencing Panel is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to palisade fencing. It offers good, cost effective security...

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  • Sabertec Mesh 656 / 868

    Sabertec Mesh 656 / 868

    JF Hanley sabertech mesh 656 or 868 is an excellent rigid panel system increased protection against cut through, ideal...

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  • sabertec mesh elite

    sabertec mesh elite

    JF Hanley Sabertec Mesh Elite ideally suited to demanding high security applications. This weldmesh fencing is designed to provide...

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  • Sabertec Mesh 358

    Sabertec Mesh 358

    JF Hanley Sabertec Mesh 358 is a high security fence system providing excellent protection against vandalism and intrusion. Sabertec...

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  • sportec mesh 656

    sportec mesh 656

    The JFHanley sportec mesh fencing system has been designed to provide a cost effective solution for most general, low...

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  • sportec mesh 868

    sportec mesh 868

    The JFHanley sportec mesh 868 fencing system is specificlly designed to suit medium to higher impact sporting applications. It...

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  • sportec mesh 358

    sportec mesh 358

    JFHanley sportec Mesh 358 sports fencing is specifically designed for high impact sports. This system is designed for sporting...

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  • visimesh


    The cutting edge JFHanley Visimesh Elite system provides excellent protection against climbing and cut through as well as superb...

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