sportec mesh 358

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JFHanley sportec Mesh 358 sports fencing is specifically designed for high impact sports. This system is designed for sporting applications requiring strength and durability.

Ideal for football, hockey, cricket and general multi-use game areas. JFHanley Sportec Mesh Elite has the maximum resistance available to continuous and rigorous impact.


  • Panels are manufactured from 358 mesh and 4mm wire complete with three cross rails, providing a solid and durable fence. Additional cross rails can be used for heavier impact areas.
  • Finish standard posts are manufactured from 80 x 80 x 3mm ‘rolled hollow section‘ posts include threaded inserts, leaving a clean and flush design to the rear face. Special SABERFIX twin clamp systems are used for fast, easy installation. Extra length may be used to bring fence height above 2.4m.
  • 3m, 4m,and 5m heights available. Heights above 3m can be achieved using 1m panel increment section thus providing a safer faster installation.
  • Sportec Mesh Elite has been designed using unique anti-vibration SABERFIX panel cover fixing. This prevents movement at a point of impact, protecting against personal injury or product damage.
  • Standard or tailor made gates are available to suit requirements. All gates are supplied with rear hung adjustable hinges, pad-lockable drop bolts, multi-holed to suit site conditions with anti-climb side latch.

Product: Welded Mesh Panel.

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