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Gallagher Range

Gallagher Power Fence Systems Ireland distributes Gallagher Power Fence systems and Gallagher Weighing and EID systems made by Gallagher Animal management Systems a division of the Gallagher Group, based in Hamilton New Zealand. The Team is managed by John and Rachel Lucey who established Gallagher Power Fence Systems IRL Ltd in 1982 to provide the Irish market with the best and newest innovative products as they became available from Gallagher Group NZ. To date with over a quarter of a decade past, Gallagher Power Fence Ireland remain truly committed still to this goal of quality affordable innovative and reliable products for the Irish market.



Sheep Wire 8/80/15

JF Hanley Ltd supplies Sheep wire that has been specifically developed as a safe, secure fence for sheep and lambs. Even the smallest animals are protected, and the perfect 22cm spacing between vertical wires greatly reduces the risk of ewes becoming caught in the fence which is generally a problem with horned breeds.

Our Hi-Tensile Plus Sheep Wire in supplied in 100m rolls.



Barbed Wire

Barbed wire provides vital protection to a fence by defending it against downward compression by cattle or other heavy animals. Two lines running 50mm and 150mm above the fence provide optimum levels of protection. We manufacture three specifications of barbed wire to suit various grades of use: Hi-Tensile Plus Titan, manufactured from 2.0mm wire; Hi-Tensile Plus Standard, produced from 1.6mm wire; and mild steel barbed wire, which is manufactured with the barb between, rather than around, the two wires, and is generally used with mild steel net fences. All three are galvanised.


Timber Posts

Timber Posts Available:

5″ Posts;                            6″ Posts                            7″ Strainers                            Gate Posts





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Product: Customised Fencing.

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